Medication Management – Concept And Importance In Home Health Care Services

The modern day researches in the area of medicines have given rise to many such medicines which help in increasing the life spans of the people. This makes life happier with health. The modern medicines help in early diagnosis of the disease and thus people get the aid in a timely manner.

As the medicines are increasing day by day, people have to keep track of time schedule of the dosages and intakes of the same. Thus the concept of Medical Management has emerged.

What is Medical Management?

Medication management is a very recent concept. This is the medical care provided by pharmacists who aim at optimizing the drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients. This concept was recently accepted by many pharmaceutical companies in the year 2004.

Whom does it apply to?

The medical management helps people to keep track of the dosages and amount of their medicines to be taken. Medicines are life savers but if the medicines are not taken as per medication policy and in the prescribed amount or at prescribed hours, medicines might harm your body adversely and make you more ill.

Such conditions generally arise with senior citizens, the people who are seriously ill and the people with disabilities. These people might find it difficult to keep a proper track of their medicinal dosages which in turn might affect their health and it might even prove fatal.

How does Medical Management work?

To keep a proper schedule of the medication going on, this helps in the form of caregivers. In the medical management, the patients, caregivers, and pharmacists work as a team and thus they solve the problem of medication.

The pharmacists and doctors prepare a fact sheet about the patient which is followed by the caregiver as a guide to manage the patient’s medication. This team is formed so that they can collectively handle all variations of simple level to complex level situations.

Benefits of Medical Management

This helps the patients in many ways as follows:

  • For the people who face difficulty in remembering the dosage timings, the pharmacists may provide special pill boxes which will remind the patient or the caregiver about the timing of the medication.
  • The pill boxes may range from low technological to high technological pill boxes. The simple pill box is a simple container with different slots for different days while the high technological pill boxes even have alarms and timers for reminding the schedule for intake of medicines.
  • For the elderly patients or for the patients who are not able to read, the pharmacists may provide prescription labels in large font size.
  • For the patients who have a problem with hearing, this team might help the patient by speaking in a loud tone so that the patient does not miss out on any important point. In such cases, the caregivers can also help the patients to hear on their behalf.
  • There are many medicines and equipment like eye drops, ear drops, inhalers, injections which patients need to take for curing diseases. Some disabled patients might face difficulty in opening the bottles of medicine, taking injections, putting ear drops or eye drops, etc. The caregivers can help such patients with medicines and equipment.

Problem faced by patients

Many diseases demand multiple medicines to be taken. In such cases, this team helps the patients for their special needs.

Also, in such cases, this team should regularly keep tracking if the patients really need all the medicines prescribed, if one medicine interacts with other medicines he is taking, is the patient prescribed with the right dose etc. This helps the patient to keep up their health by reducing problems.

Medical management is a very important concept developed for the needy patients. Every person in his or her life has to face medical problems be it in young age or in old age. It is the society’s duty to take care of own fellow mates residing within our vicinity.

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Five Things You Should Know About Home Healthcare

As the population of the United States gets older, and medical science makes it so as to have people live longer, healthcare will be the most important thing being discussed in the U.S. for years to come. Perhaps the biggest offshoot of general healthcare is home healthcare. Over the years, the desire for patients to maintain as much of an independent home life as possible while receiving care has become a necessary part of the treatment conversation with little sign of slowing down.

Home healthcare can be very complicated. All one needs to do is think about what it would take to treat someone with serious mobility issues away from a hospital. What if a patient has begun to hit the latter stages of Alzheimer’s and requires twenty-four hour monitoring? Most homes are not equipped to handle the amount of retrofitting and renovation it would take to make a home environment as conducive as possible to getting the best care. Still, home healthcare is strong.

Beyond the numbers and logistics, it’s important to talk about home healthcare as it pertains to maintaining a basic quality of life while still receiving medical treatment. More patients feel that they best way for them to heal and recover is at home with loved ones in an environment that is familiar. It’s hard to argue with this line of reasoning, but you can’t help but feel as though you need more information.

If you’re still not sure about home healthcare and what it can mean for you & your family, here are five things you should know about it:

Discuss It Even When It Seems Far Away – Advanced directives and end-of-life documents are not great conversation topics, but they are important and need to take place. Take care of this stuff while you still can.

There Are Variants of Home Healthcare – Home healthcare can vary from help with errands for the elderly to changing soiled sheets for a bedridden patient. Outlining what you or your family member needs will help you find the right agency to provide services in your home.

It’s All About the Human Connection – Medicine is a sterile, often cold mistress. It’s not friendly. Here’s is where the best home healthcare agencies shine. Their employees make the effort to connect with patients so as to make them feel important & help remove any idea they may have about being a burden.

Training Is Vital to Its Success – As such, it’s important to maintain standards for individuals that will be working with our loved ones. The amount of training can vary for employment, so be proactive and ask about it before hiring someone.

Communication Is A Cornerstone – The biggest complaint about caregivers is that there is a lack of communication with patients & patient families. This is unacceptable. A patient and his or her family depends on a caregiver to be there when needed, and a lack of communication is a sure way to cause irreparable harm to the patient-caregiver relationship.

Home healthcare, like all matters of aging, can be hard to talk about and feel a bit morbid. Nonetheless, it’s important to discuss matters of care and advanced directives because you still can. It does no one any good down the line when cognition has been compromised. You’ve got a lot of good years left. Make the most of them and talk about the hard stuff now so that you can get busy focusing on the great stuff.

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